Car Insurance in Texas

Texaco Service StationCar insurance in Texas is required by law to drive a car.  There are financial responsibility laws that require every driver that causes an accident to be able to pay for the damage that is caused. The minimum amount of coverage is $30,000. This type of insurance will cover damage to the other persons vehicle but WILL NOT cover damage to your vehicle if it is vandalized or stolen.

A lot of consumers mistakenly believe that more coverage would be too expensive and they wind up under insured. This can be a huge problem if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire or there is a host of other incidents that damage your vehicle. You will not be covered which can leave you without a vehicle to drive.

This is not different from other states or countries. Car insurance is also required by law in all states in the US and in the EU (See more on the EU website and Bilforsikring)

The Penalties

Besides being a very bad idea to not have insurance because there really is danger at every turn on the road it is also illegal and can result in heavy fines if you are caught. During vehicle stops which can be rather random a police officer may ask to see your insurance card if you can not produce it than you will be given a ticket. The cost of the fine can range anywhere between $175 to $350 depending on the circumstance in which you are pulled over.

Clearly if you are in an accident and you do not have insurance you could wind up paying out of pocket for a long time. You may be faced with property liens, income liens, license revocation and other penalties. It is not worth the risk especially when insurance can be so affordable.

 Saving Money On Car Insurance In Texas

You like a lot of drivers in Texas may be surprised to find that you do not have to settle for just the minimum coverage. You can likely find a plan that is much more comprehensive (provides more coverage) for just a few dollars more than what you are paying right now for minimum coverage.

You can find car insurance that does not require a credit check and you can find plans that will provide you with coverage even if you have had a few tickets. The point is there are plenty of options all you have to do is shop for them!

All you have to do is compare your car insurance in Texas options. When you shop and compare the options for car insurance in Texas you are giving yourself every advantage to find the best plan at the best price!

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