The second largest state in the US, Texas has a complete culture of its own, it has some exciting cities and many exotic places that can be visited, in a nut shell Texas on its own is a compete retreat and is thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists. Texas also has a great advantage of its geographical location; the south central location has a great number of deals to offer, from desert regions and cave systems to mountains, furthermore canyons, and the splendid coastal scenery all along the Gulf of Mexico.

When travelling for fun and holidays to Texas make sure that you enjoy to the fullest and visit some of its most remarkable places;

The Alamo, this is among the most important historic sites and is located on the eastern outskirts of San Antonio. The Franciscans built it in 1744 but it was converted to a fort by 1836. The Alamo got more popularity after the Texan War of Independence and till date more than two-and-a-half million tourists visit it per year to see how it is restored.

Next comes the President Kennedy and the Sixth Floor Museum, located in Dallas. This museum gives a complete account and the in-depth details of President’s Kennedy assassination and also explains his legacy.  There are historic footage, photos, and artifacts to further elaborate the case. Also you can visit the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial, which is nearby and it is a huge monument dedicated to President Kennedy which was unveiled in 1970.

Space Center in Houston is all along a new place and an exciting place to be for all the aircraft enthusiasts. The Space Center come under the most popular tourist attraction in the state, it is a home to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. What’s fascinating is to be able to look at the operation and furthermore you can also dress up as an astronaut and experience a space simulator, or be able to see real rockets.

If you want to enjoy and feel close to nature in Texas, there are many options available for that as well; one place to pay a visit is the Big Bend National Park. This is one of the most populated and largest wilderness areas in Texas. What is interesting about this place is that it is made up of three different types of layers or zones; the valley of the Rio Grande, the desolate landscape of the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Chisos Mountains. Due to such diversity it is home for more than 400 different species of birds, other than that there are wild gorges, precipitous rock faces which you can experience it all when you pay a visit!

Lastly, not forgetting San Antonio’s Spectacular River Walk, this place deserves a visit for sure! The main attraction is that the River Walk cuts right through the heart of San Antonio, and making it an easy landing in the city’s famous shopping area, best restaurants and such other attractions. Below the street level there is a long pedestrian walkway which is filled with locals and tourists throughout the day and night.

Texas is a place to be and if you are in Texas or there for vacations you can land into multiple places with your friends or family to enjoy and make the most of the trip.