Texas: Exploring endless roads in another world

Texas: Exploring endless roads in another world

“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” Davy Crockett

When Davy Crockett compared Texas to Hell, he must have referred to the incredible heart because this is absolutely one of the most enjoyable places to take a road trip in America. That being said, it really is in a world of its own.

Texas is almost the same size of France which is just one reason why this incredibly vast state is thought to be such an exciting place to take a road trip. Featuring friendly locals, interesting attractions, live music shows and a very distinct culture; the Lone Star State is quite the experience, and the endless roads also make it one of the best places to road trip in North America.

Miles and miles of road for road tripping

As mentioned, with more than six hundred thousand miles of road, Texas is synonymous with long-haul truckers and intrepid travelers looking for their next adventure. Although there are several toll booths across the state, these charges are minimal and used to fund the fantastic maintenance of its highways. In between, there are obviously many attractions, but with such an immense landmass, it should be expected that most roads travel through very long and barren stretches of landscape.

Wild West, JFK, and Dinosaur Valley

Alamo Mission is a legendary fort in Texas, and while it was once an ancient Spanish Mission, it is now a walking museum. Another highlight is Fort Worth Stockyards which is thought to be the very origin of the “Wild West” which offers tourists an opportunity to experience a daily cattle drive and the occasional championship rodeo. Unsurprisingly, these are the cultural experience for which most tourists arrive to experience, but there is much more to Texas than just historic importance.

Whether you opt for the JFK Assassination Tour or venture into the underground tunnels of Houston for an architectural encounter, the cities in Texas offer a great variety which is not to be missed. Furthermore, these cities and towns are home to vibrant bars with live music, excellent restaurants and a long lineup of art galleries. If the busy centers are a bit too much, the liberty of having a vehicle will also allow you to escape town and make your way to the largest and most famous gorge on the planet, the Grand Canyon.

It is also worth keeping in mind that Texas is where you can find Dinosaur Valley, State Park. Located in Glen Rose, this a magical region which offers visitors an encounter with dinosaur footprints that were left in mud situated next to an ancient ocean. Surrounded by steep banks and tall trees, the ocean may be slightly smaller than it was many millennia ago, but the trickling waters are merely a backdrop to the dinosaur statues which can be found as you mountain bike or canoe your way throughout the park.

Food, gas, and other-worldly experiences

Texans sure know how to please a foodie, and the Lone Star State is a haven for anyone with a particular liking for food trucks. Often, these stalls produce some of the very best home cooked food in North America, and they can be found lining many a sidewalk in this part of America.

However, food in the cafés and restaurants are just as impressive with an enormous range of eateries offering succulent steaks, seafood, barbecue grills, tacos, fried chicken, and anything else into which you can sink your teeth. As a rule, meals should cost a lot less than $10 per person on the street whereas a mid-range restaurant can see this rise close to $20. That being said, if you happen to stay in a self-contained unit, you can always cook for yourself and spend the extra cash hitting up the live music in local bars.

When you consider that more than three hundred gas stations are dotted across Texas, you should realize that you will always have access to reasonably priced fuel. Although this is friendly on the wallet, it also means you will never be without food or other useful facilities, for most of these stations are accompanied by both. With endless roads, tasty southern style food and dinosaur footprints sitting in the backyard of the Wild West, Texas truly is in a world of its own.

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