Bed and Breakfast in Austin, Texas

Bed and Breakfast in Austin, Texas

Hotels can become expensive if you are traveling often and staying in many different locations.  If you stay at a bed and breakfast facility, it can lower your cost and allow you to stay longer, or do more activities throughout your trip.  If you stay at a bed and breakfast in Austin, Texas, you will be sure to feel right at home and not want to leave.

Alexandra’s House bed and breakfast is one of the top rated places to stay in Austin, Texas.  They have three bedrooms to stay in, each with their own private bathroom and provide a two course breakfast meal every morning of your stay so you can be energized and prepared for a long day of exploring and discovering new things in the city.  Alexandra’s House is on 5 acres of beautiful wooded land that you can hike on and enjoy the great outdoors.

Homestead at the Dripping Springs is another great bed and breakfast in Austin, Texas.  You will feel like you are at home when you stay with them and it will be an even better vacation for you.  There are a few different cabins that you can stay in that have patios with tables and chairs that you can use to watch the sunset or watch the sunrise in the morning.  There are wineries close by to visit and do some wine sampling as well as shopping, biking and hiking in the nature paths that they have on location.  Regardless of what kind of attraction you are drawn to, being able to go back to the Homestead after a long day of exploring is the perfect way to unwind and relax your mind and body.

The Hideaway at Lake Travis is a perfect bed and breakfast in Austin, Texas for tourists who are looking for relaxation and comfort as well as a little exploring.  They have all the amenities you could possibly need and more.  Full kitchenettes are available so you can cook your own meals and even fire up the grill on the patio to have a cook out for your friends and new neighbors.  The Hideaway is nearby many different attractions and tourist places to explore and get in touch with.  This bed and breakfast in Austin, Texas is a resort to go back to at night and get a wonderful night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s fun.