Bed and Breakfast in Texas

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Whether you are traveling through Texas or you live in the state and want to visit a new city and want to spend an evening out, staying in one of Texas bed and breakfasts can be a great option. Bed and breakfasts are often more affordable than hotels and they offer you a homey and cozy feeling. They are great for families, couples or even a single person. In a bed and breakfast, you get the privacy hotels give you but later you could enjoy the less formal breakfasts they offer where you can get together with other fellow travelers.

You can find bed and breakfasts across Texas and in most cities. Most often than not they will offer you complementary internet services, free maps of the city and a list of the nicest tourist attractions with perhaps some discount coupons to museums and nice restaurants. By staying in one, you know you are getting a great value for the prices you pay.

Usually in Texas bed and breakfasts, like most b and bs, you can expect a proper customer service and nice and friendly staff who will look after you and make sure that you are satisfied with your stay in their establishment.

Even though, a bed and breakfast is generally more affordable than a hotel, you should not expect any compromise in terms of cleanliness, and service. They are usually very clean and basic room service is provided whenever a new client comes to stay.

Breakfasts are often limited to basics toast, butters and jams. Some will also include various croissants and other baked goods. In some cases, they will offer a more elaborate menu, usually homemade prepared by the owners of the residence.

Most bed and breakfasts are an individual building that is owned by a family or purchased directly from the first owners. It is very common that by staying in a bed and breakfast, you will learn about the region in which it is located, the history around the time when it was built. Many of them will keep a record on the history of the house that they will keep displayed on the walls or reserved through a book available for visitors.

If you are traveling or wanting a quick getaway, do not hesitate to look through Texas bed and breakfasts, you will enjoy it and perhaps learn something more about the state.

Air Tickets to Dallas

Downtown Houston, TexasIf you were old enough to remember the television serials of the 1980’s, then you know the city of Dallas, Texas.  Of course, Dallas isn’t just oil tycoons, men in cowboy boots, and famous cheerleaders.  Dallas is a city that brings together four major highways and boasts the busiest airport in North America.  In short, you will find a lot of different people, places, and things in Dallas, Texas.  Whatever you need, Dallas can provide.

And, with cheap airline ticket prices, you can start planning to explore this southern cosmopolitan city. If you are into sports, or even if you just want to see spectacular things, then you have to visit AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.  This 3 million-square foot complex, which cost $1.2 billion dollars to build, is worth the time.  Take a tour and step on to the field.  Visit the locker rooms of the players and world-famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  Take a peek behind the scenes in the press boxes.  Did I mention that AT&T Stadium also features an art?  Sports lover or art lover there is something for everyone at this impressive facility.

If you are a history buff, visit the Dallas Heritage Village.  The village uses a collection of historic buildings and furnished homes to represent Dallas’ history from 1840 – 1910.  Take a tour and learn more about the rich history of Dallas.  If you are lucky, you might even catch them on a day when they are having one of their old time music jams. But if you really want to see Dallas, you must go up.  Up the Go-Deck at Reunion Tower, that is.  At 470 feet above ground level, you get a spectacular view of Dallas and the entire surrounding area.  If you want to get the best view of the now infamous Dealy Plaza, this is the place to be. If you want to learn a little about how our government works, you might want to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  The Presidential museum here offers great insight into the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency, including a riveting outlook on the events of 9/11.  Learn a little something and then get your picture taken in a replica of the Oval Office.

Right now, there is no better time to plan your trip to Dallas.  Cheap airline tickets are available from all over the continental United States for as low as  $108.  Put your boots on and that ten gallon hat and mozy on down to one of the United States’ greatest cities.  You can look at some of these sites to find cheap tickets to Dallas: Flybillet til Dallas Travelzoo

Car Insurance in Texas

Texaco Service StationCar insurance in Texas is required by law to drive a car.  There are financial responsibility laws that require every driver that causes an accident to be able to pay for the damage that is caused. The minimum amount of coverage is $30,000. This type of insurance will cover damage to the other persons vehicle but WILL NOT cover damage to your vehicle if it is vandalized or stolen.

A lot of consumers mistakenly believe that more coverage would be too expensive and they wind up under insured. This can be a huge problem if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire or there is a host of other incidents that damage your vehicle. You will not be covered which can leave you without a vehicle to drive.

This is not different from other states or countries. Car insurance is also required by law in all states in the US and in the EU (See more on the EU website and Bilforsikring)

The Penalties

Besides being a very bad idea to not have insurance because there really is danger at every turn on the road it is also illegal and can result in heavy fines if you are caught. During vehicle stops which can be rather random a police officer may ask to see your insurance card if you can not produce it than you will be given a ticket. The cost of the fine can range anywhere between $175 to $350 depending on the circumstance in which you are pulled over.

Clearly if you are in an accident and you do not have insurance you could wind up paying out of pocket for a long time. You may be faced with property liens, income liens, license revocation and other penalties. It is not worth the risk especially when insurance can be so affordable.

 Saving Money On Car Insurance In Texas

You like a lot of drivers in Texas may be surprised to find that you do not have to settle for just the minimum coverage. You can likely find a plan that is much more comprehensive (provides more coverage) for just a few dollars more than what you are paying right now for minimum coverage.

You can find car insurance that does not require a credit check and you can find plans that will provide you with coverage even if you have had a few tickets. The point is there are plenty of options all you have to do is shop for them!

All you have to do is compare your car insurance in Texas options. When you shop and compare the options for car insurance in Texas you are giving yourself every advantage to find the best plan at the best price!

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