How To Go About Choosing The Best Bed and Breakfasts in Texas

How To Go About Choosing The Best Bed and Breakfasts in Texas

How To Go About Choosing The Best Bed and Breakfasts in Texas

If you’re visiting any part of Texas, it is best to book a cozy B&B facility for a peaceful yet memorable stay. Unfortunately, for the wary traveler, not all bed and breakfasts in Texas are built equal. When visiting any part of this expansive state, the research you do beforehand will greatly impact the quality of your stay. Here are several tips to explore before you make your final decision on where to book in.

Online Search

You can always begin your search by typing in your specific destination town or city and “bed and breakfast” into your search engine to get an idea of the options available. As you begin to sample the results, you should pay close attention to whether the facility has the following crucial features: temperature control, private bath, off-street parking, full or continental breakfast and housekeeping.

Choosing an appropriate location

Proximity to the place you’re visiting is often a plus for many a travelers. For instance, many travelers want to be on the main street for convenience. However, sometimes this comes with a drawback – noise. You definitely don’t want to be in a place where noise lasts throughout the night. Some visitors prefer a place which is a couple of blocks away from the main street for a quiet night and more privacy. Still others prefer a place in the countryside.

What decor?

Avoid booking a room that doesn’t at least show photos of the exterior and interior. Leading Bed and Breakfasts in Texas are known to post a couple of photos of their facilities online for all to see. Be wary of a facility that seems not proud to show its decor. At least you should expect to see one photo of the inside of each room, exterior, Jacuzzi tubs, gas fireplaces and hot tubs before paying up.

What fashion are you looking for?

Do you want to a classic or modern experience? Well, the former is typically furnished with antique clocks and velvet settees for an age-old experience. Most old-fashioned B&B facilities however do not feature HDTV and internet connection. If that sounds like something too fussy for you, look for a modern facility with comfortable sofas you can sink into after a tiring day. You can also find one that combines the best of both worlds.

Our Picks:

The All Seasons Main Street Retreat (Fredericksburg)

Located a stone’s throw away from Fredericksburg Historic District, towards the West End of Main Street, is this charming and idyllic bed and breakfast lodging. Their cottages are decorated in English Country style for a warm, relaxing and inviting all-time experience.

Inn on Lake Granbury

This award winning B&B facility is located on the shores of Lake Granbury and boasts 15 rooms (majority with uninterrupted views of the main lake). The Inn blends personal service with upscale amenities to offer its patrons an awe-inspiring environment away from the hassle and bustle of town life.

These are just two out of a wider list of bed and breakfasts in Texas. You can rest assured of finding a facility that meets your unique needs by consulting the four tips outlined in the first section of this write-up. All the best!