Bed And Breakfast In Fredericksburg, Texas

Bed And Breakfast In Fredericksburg, Texas

Bed and Breakfast refers to sleeping accommodations for one night and breakfast offered by small hotels and guest houses. There are very many bed and breakfast hotels/guest houses in Texas. In this article, we will be interested in some of the best bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas. Below are the two popular bed and breakfast hotels in Fredericksburg, Texas you should consider visiting.

1. Mangolia House

Mangolia House is undoubtedly one of the best bed and breakfast establishments in Fredericksburg, Texas according to many online reviews and Trip Advisor. Mangolia House is a popular bed and breakfast because of many reasons revolving around comfort, traditional style, outstanding service and attention to details. Your visit to Mangolia House will definitely be memorable. Mangolia House is famous for offering a peaceful yet private environment where you can easily meet and mingle with other guests as well as friends.

One of the things that make Mangolia House stand out from other bed and breakfast establishments in Fredericksburg, Texas is their Gourmet breakfasts. The breakfast features a 2 course breakfast served in the establishment’s dining area with fine linens. Gourmet breakfasts feature antique silver, glassware sparkle placed under the magnificent crystal chandelier.

It is important to note that everything that is served at Mangolia House is freshly prepared from scratch. Every day has a new breakfast menu which includes; first course: homemade breads or muffins and fresh fruits. Main course includes an egg entrée, breakfast meat i.e. locally made sausages among other treats such as pancakes, waffles and French toast.

Location also makes Mangolia House stand out. Mangolia House is situated 7 blocks from the Main Street. This location is convenient as well as quiet. The location also features a very beautiful landscape with a stone patio complete with a waterfall and Koi pond. You will simply enjoy your stay at Mangolia house.

2. Creek and Crockett

Another excellent bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas is Creek and Crockett. This peaceful yet exiting bed and breakfast is located a few minutes from Fredericksburg Main Street Shopping. Creek and Crockett offers 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Although the guest house has been around for a very long time, it was recently renovated to meet the highest standards of luxury. This is one of the main reasons it stands out from many other bed and breakfast hotels/guesthouses in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Creek and Crockett features a wonderful old porch at the entrance and a large wood burning fireplace when you enter. The guesthouse also has a big 56 inch flat screen television which can be viewed from the comfort of a large leather sofa. Other notable features of the guesthouse include: distinctive décor, beamed ceilings, hardwood floors and limestone walls. Creek and Crockett also has a magnificent backyard which guests enjoy as they sit outdoors near the outdoor fireplace. In short, everything about Creek and Crockett is amazing which is why the bed and breakfast is one of the best in Fredericksburg, Texas.


In summary the above bed and breakfast spots are among the best in Fredericksburg, Texas. You will definitely enjoy your time in any of the above places if you are looking for uniqueness, comfort and excellent service.